6 reasons to choose lightsaber as your sport this fall

September 7, 2022

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Back to school is here and so is your desire to get back into sports! Today we are going to give you 6 good reasons to choose lightsaber as your sport for the new school year

1- It’s a complete sport, both in strength and cardio, perfect to stay or get back in shape!

2- It is a sport that offers several disciplines: dueling, choreographed/artistic combat and katas. You can develop your technique and your reflexes but also your artistic fiber.

3- It’s original, what could be better than doing a sport out of the ordinary? Few people can boast of doing lightsaber as a sport!

4- The community is close-knit and based on great values of sharing and helping each other. And it is also a mixed sport!

5- The sport material is very high quality and can be used for several purposes (sport, games, decoration, cosplay)

6- Until September 15th we offer 20% off on Foji, our saber model dedicated to sports practice!

So you have already chosen your club for the new school year?