SOLAARI 2.0 Application

February 23, 2022

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It’s the big day!

For all you Solaari fans, it’s time to reveal our good news!

Since the beginning of this Solaari adventure, we have paid particular attention to your feedback. Whether on social media or by meeting you in person at different events, we are always delighted to hear what you think and read your comments on our sabers and the Solaari application

Being the true warriors and science fiction fans that you are, you have a bunch of awesome suggestions. In fact, your enthusiasm is proof of the support you have given us since the launch of Solaari in 2019. And for that, we would truly like to thank you. We are still striving to take onboard all your feedback with one clear goal in mind: to ensure that you get the best possible experience with our Solaari sabers.

Work on a new version

Right from the launch in 2019, we wanted an application that was easy to use so that you can customize your saber to your liking. Whether it be the choice of sounds, colors, brightness or being able to see your combat statistics, everything has been done to guarantee a unique and customizable saber just how you like it! With this in mind, we have studied your comments concerning the application for several months now. We have attended events to meet you in person, working hard on collecting your comments and suggestions for improvements with one specific goal: to provide you with an application that corresponds as closely as possible to your needs.

A unique Solaari 2.0 application

C’est donc en restant à votre écoute et en sollicitant vos expertises que nous avons le plaisir By listening carefully to what you want and taking onboard your expertise, we are pleased to announce the release of our new Solaari 2.0 application! You can already download our new version and see the changes. For this new version, we have focused on

Increased responsiveness. Having redesigned the code of our application, the BT connection between smartphones and abers is now optimized to be even faster than before.

Uncompromising ergonomics designed by a development team committed to creating a quality user experience. The interface is now more intuitive and even easier to use. We have met your expectations and plan to anticipate future ones to remain the leader in saber applications.

Flawless stability, the result of thorough work by our technical team, the application is equipped with a new optimized architecture to guarantee an irreproachable experience during use.

The future of the Solaari app

The primary purpose of the application is to be scalable. We will keep in touch with you to collect your suggestions and improve it. Remember that you can join a Discord server exclusive to community members to chat directly with us. This is an additional way for the Solaari team to keep in touch with you and improve your experience together. Join us here :

Finally, rest assured that we will do our very best to meet your expectations and even exceed them! We also advise you to keep an eye on your SOLAARI saber, it will have brand new sounds very soon… 😉

Link to download the app :

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Join our Discord server here :