Closed Beta Solaari App 2.0

January 26, 2022

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Time to become Beta tester and get your hands on our next Solaari application until February 7th 2022!

But what is exactly a Beta tester?

It is the possibility to test the beta version of our new SOLAARI app!

More stable and with a brand new interface, this new application needs to be tested before the official release. By joining our discord (here :, you will be able to give us your feedback and contribute in the development of this major update!

To become a beta tester on Android :

  • On the Android playstore, here are the steps:
  • Launch the playstore
  • Scroll through the tabs games, family, team choice…
  • Click on “early access
  • Choose Solaari (link:
  • Press the Install button
  • Follow the instructions displayed on your smartphone screen
  • Then click on the icon to launch the app in beta version

To become a beta tester on IOS:

Any questions? You need help joining the closed beta?

Join our exclusive discord here:

And finally, here is the very first Patch Note #1 :

  • Improved stability of the application
  • New user interface (easier to manage color changes, to manage sound, management of connected sabers)
  • Better communication with BLE sabers: automatic connection of the saber after pairing.
  • For a better readability and a better experience, we removed the system of saving several configurations for a saber. You will now be able to quickly and easily change your settings on a single saber configuration. Note that if you use multiple SOLAARI sabers with the application, each saber will still have its own configuration.