In just a few clicks, set up your own SOLAARI saber.

Choose from all our components to create a unique saber, that reflects your style!




SOLAARI sabers have been designed so that all the parts that make up a handle are interchangeable, which means you get to mix our different designs and colors to create your own unique customized saber..

The SOLAARI configurator means you can create your own saber from A to Z, choosing each of its elements from our different designs and colors.

Handle: This is the central part of your saber. You get to choose the design and the color, but more importantly this part will give you the grip that you want.

Electronics: Electronics are at the heart of your saber. You can choose between our ELITE and PRIME ranges, each with its own features detailed on the relevant product page.

Hilt : This is what makes your saber exceptional. The hilt keeps the blade fastened nice and tight when you are using it.

Pommel : This is the lower part of your saber, which includes a speaker.

Blades : Choose your blade size, according to your tastes and whether you use the saber for combat purposes or just to have fun.

The configurator means that you get to create your whole saber. You will need to complete each step of the configurator to add your saber to the basket.


Create your lightsaber with the SOLAARI configurator!

More than just collectibles, SOLAARI lightsabers are real sports equipment for combat. Designed to resist shocks and offer realistic combat sensations, SOLAARI lightsabers are now fully customizable! Thanks to our lightsaber configurator, create in a few clicks a customized lightsaber with a design that suits you. From the color and model of the handle, the guard and the pommel to the size of the blade, choose among all the options offered those that will satisfy your aesthetic preferences and will be the most adapted to your practice (light combat, club combat, choreography, demonstration, cosplay, exhibition,…). Our configurator adjusts in real time your basket according to your selection including the assembly costs for a purchase in all serenity. So for all your custom lightsaber requests, one address to remember:! Your customizable lightsaber from 235 euros !

Shipping in France and around the world

2 years warranty. French design and manufacturing

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