Is lightsaber a sport?

June 28, 2022

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Indeed, lightsaber is a sport practice born 10 years ago in the United States. This practice tends to develop more and more in the world and gains new continents such as Europe and Asia.

There are different sport categories in lightsaber. First, there is choreography, which is similar to artistic fencing (the objective is to execute a sequence of movements to give the illusion of a fight). In addition, there are the katas which is a branch directly inspired by martial arts. The objective is to reproduce a series of precise movements that give the illusion of fighting against an invisible enemy. And finally: the sport fight which is between fencing and kendo. Two opponents face each other in an arena and the objective is to hit your opponent to score points and win the lightsaber fight.

It is a mixed sport for all ages, with values similar to those of martial arts. There are many clubs in France and around the world (often fencing clubs) that welcome thousands of practitioners! And in particular those of the French Fencing Federation.

And you, are you part of a lightsaber club ?