June 14, 2022

What better gift for Father’s Day than a Solaari lightsaber?

Offering a lightsaber is a guarantee of an epic moment to share with your father. It is a unique object, almost mythical, that crosses generations, whether you are 15 or 77 years old, a lightsaber awakens those same emotions in you. Thanks to our different models and the configurator you can personalize the saber and […]

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April 4, 2022

The Elite range

Dear Lightbearers, Today is a great day because it is the beginning of a new event at Solaari. On this Monday, April 4th we start...
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February 23, 2022

SOLAARI 2.0 Application

It’s the big day! For all you Solaari fans, it’s time to reveal our good news! Since the beginning of this Solaari adventure, we have...
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January 26, 2022

Closed Beta Solaari App 2.0

Time to become Beta tester and get your hands on our next Solaari application until February 7th 2022! But what is exactly a Beta tester?...
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