WAAN Silver Elite


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Uncompromising design
Extreme customization and dedicated application
Long lasting batteries
Proven in combat
Unmatched sound reactivity


Waan is the first saber created by SOLAARI. The beveled blade-guard and angular pommel give it a fearsome look ideal to dominate the battle.

Ultrarealistic with unmatched sound reactivity and 100% customizable colored blade, the SOLAARI ELITE connected saber is designed and assembled in France for premium quality. Also adapted for practice, these sabers offer the most complete experience: integrated sound, reactivity, Bluetooth connectivity, customization, dedicated content and application These Elite sabers are the top of SOLAARI line.

To complete your collection or practice in style: fully live out your passion with SOLAARI sabers.

Uncompromising design

At SOLAARI, we know that beauty and style determine your choice of sabers. That is why you always get a premium aluminum hilt meticulously designed for a truer than life saber..

The Waan model features a beveled blade-guard and a distinctive squared hilt. The angular pommel and tiled grip was inspired by medieval weaponry. The hilt design promotes easy maintenance and balance for the user.

The power switch is oval-shaped. It integrates perfectly into the hilt protecting the user from unwanted button pushing during combat.

A metallic plaque engraved with the SOLAARI logo stylishly protects the Low Energy Bluetooth device.

Extreme customization and dedicated application

Link your saber to your smartphone with the dedicated application to change the color of your blade at any time using the integrated colorpicker. No need to remove your blade to change it; you have the option at your fingertips! You can modify your blade's sounds, choosing from existing files. With the SOLAARI application, you can also monitor your use statistics and keep track of the number of hits in real time.

The SOLAARI application is compatible with and can be downloaded on IOS and Android.

Long lasting batteries

Powered by 2 lithium-ion rechargeable 3.7V / 3250 mAh batteries, SOLAARI sabers have up to 6 hours of battery life. You can use it all day without worrying about your blade shutting off along the way. So you will have many hours of enjoyment whether in combat, training or just for fun among friends!


Since 2019, lightsaber dueling has been recognized as an official sport by the French Fencing Federation (FFE). As proof of its dependability, SOLAARI is the official equipment supplier of the Federation. We provide sabers designed in collaboration with fencing masters and users to meet all competition requirements.

The 2mm ("Mid-Grade") polycarbonate blades make them shock-resistant; and the internal components are firmly and seamlessly secured to resist the wear and tear of combat over time. No tools are necessary to detach the blade, allowing easy transport and maintenance.



SOLAARI sabers offer amazing sound reactivity. Dive into the heart of battle and experience a thrill with each movement, each blow without any delay or lag. The Elite line allows you to hear sounds wirelessly via Bluetooth on your speakers and headphones (aptXtm Low Latency compatible peripherals recommended for optimal performance).


When you order your SOLAARI ELITE saber today, you receive:

  • A compatible SOLAARI blade
  • A set of 2 lithium-ion 3.7V / 3250 mAh batteries
  • A battery charger
  • Operating instructions


CE: SOLAARI assumes responsibility with respect to all European requirements regarding health, safety, performance and environmental protection that applies to this product.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC): SOLAARI assumes responsibility with respect to all requirements regarding electronics and radio frequencies established by the Federal Communications Commission, thus allowing importation into US territory.

Designed and assembled in France: SOLAARI sabers are designed in Limonest (69) and assembled in Grandchamps-des-Fontaines (44).

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Data sheet

Polycarbonate Mid-Grade 2mm
Bluetooth BLE Low Latency
632g (fully mounted with blade & batteries)
Sound / Speaker
Integrated sounds
Audio Codecs
AptXtm Low Latency
Charging Time
approx. 5h
Powered By
2 lithium-Ion batteries 18650 3,63V / 3250 Mah
Battery life (when fully loaded)
Up to 6h (depending on use and tested on elite range with 50% of sound level and with red color)
Mobile App
Full functions
Colors : Full RGB
75,1 lengh (with 32 inches blade) and 79,1 lengh (with 36 inches blade)
Handle Material
anodized aluminium
universal USB with included cable
Age Recommandation
14 and above
2 years for saber electronics / 1 year for the batteries

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