SOLAARI Dual Saber Adaptor Red


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Having one SOLAARI saber is great but having a double one is even greater!

Thanks to SOLAARI Dual Saber Adaptor, you can now assemble to SOLAARI sabers together and finally handle the double saber of your dreams!

Build from the same aluminum as our sabers for an optimized durability, the Dual Saber Adaptor must be installed in place of your saber’s pommel. It is compatible with both SOLAARI ELITE and PRIME ranges, but also with all our designs.

With its 2 built-ins speakers, you will be able to enjoy the SOLAARI integrated sound fonts just like you are used to.

 Available in 4 different colors (black, silver, red and gold), and meticulously designed, our Dual Saber Adaptors are fully compatible with all our SOLAARI ELITE and PRIME Sabers, for you to create your own unique piece.

SOLAARI Dual Saber Adaptor are compatible with SOLAARI sabers from ELITE and PRIME ranges.

- 4 colors available (Black, Silver, Gold, Red)

- Material : Anodized aluminum

- Size : 7.2cm

- Weight : 108g

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