The Ki-Raito

April 19, 2022

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Dear Light Carriers,

We finish the overview of Solaari sabers. On the occasion of Elite Days, we tell you about the last saber but not least.

Today, we focus on the Ki-Raito, which is also designed and assembled in France.

Its design was imagined and worked around a key word: performance. The Ki-Raito with its rounded and very pure lines seems more sober than the other models but is no less fearsome. It hides its game very well. It has been designed to allow its owner to perform movements with as much fluidity as elegance. Although a little more massive than the Waan and the Ka-Yogen, the handle of the Ki-Raito has been designed to fit the natural shape of the hand.

Like all Solaari sabers, the Ki-Raito is available in 4 colors (black, silver, red and gold) to best match your personality.

You want to know more about the Ki-Raito? It happens right here. And to add it to your cart (we know you’re dreaming about it, don’t lie) it’s with the code ELITEDAYS22 which offers you free shipping until 22/04