The Waan

April 12, 2022

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Dear Solaari fans,

We continue the review of Solaari sabers, with today the very first model that was designed by our team: the Waan (and only)!

Just like the Ka-Yogen, the Waan features a unique design that is radically different from the other models. The Waan will differentiate itself by a very elegant beveled blade guard and an angular pommel that gives it an imposing aspect and full of character.

Its extra touch? Its squared handle which offers an incomparable grip for its user.

The Waan is also available in 4 colors, gold, silver, black and red, giving you a wide choice to find THE saber that looks like YOU!

You want to know more about this model ? Go here. It’s now or never to add it to your cart, shipping is free until April 22 with the code ELITEDAYS22 (valid on all models of the Elite range except configurator)