Solaari started out as a kid’s dream. Its roots originated amongst the community of lightsaber fans, martial artists and followers of connected objects. At Solaari, we have paid special attention to the needs of different user profiles. Through multiple meetings with you, both users and martial arts practitioners, we have identified one specific goal: to meet everyone’s expectations! The sportiest users want a robust and lightweight saber, whereas collectors/geeks are looking for a customizable saber combining quality and cutting-edge technology. So, we quickly set our goal to present the best saber on the market, keeping in mind, whenever possible, everyone’s requirements and budget.

Our studies have also shown that the ecosystem is flooded with cheap models, often referred to as “toys” by the uninitiated. We have understood the importance of making a stand and proving that “NO”, the saber is not necessarily a toy or a replica, it can be so much more than that! Solaari sabers are quality-crafted and customizable combat sabers.

This French saber was fully designed by our team in Lyon, France with the help of the Kickstarter community, providing an exclusive experience to sportsmen and fans of the legendary saga. Our research and development process took 4 years to perfect the SOLAARI connected lightsaber, the top premium reference currently on the market.

Users at the design center

We know that our users will only accept the best. Our saber is a kid’s dream that must live up to your adult expectations. At the heart of each saber, we have used technology as a unique element to give each owner the upper edge. With our know-how and extensive discussions throughout the community, we are the only ones to offer a saber with a unique cradle so that everyone can customize their saber as they wish.

The Solaari saber

European and international certification

The core of our technology is patented, and we are very proud of this as it gives you the assurance of having a top quality saber, illustrating our willingness to offer you the very best: We have the CE marking (This means manufacturers assume responsibility for meeting all European requirements in terms of health, safety, performance and environmental protection concerning their product) but we are also FCC certified in the USA (On the other side of the Atlantic, the sale of products is regulated by official organizations that provide a declaration of conformity; the FCC enables manufacturers to sell electronic and telecommunications equipment that fully comply with established standards).  

A unique cradle

The cradle is a seamless central element to make things nice and easy and keep you safe when handling or modifying your saber. The screwless fastening system of our blades is a patented innovation. It was important for us to overcome the common problems of our competitors, so we refused to design a saber for you with welds that are difficult to change, or with bare wires and screws which undermine the durability of the blades … Anyone should be able to assemble/disassemble and twiddle with their saber safely, and now, you can do just that with Solaari.

Innovative technology

We have discussed CE and FCC certifications previously because they are a guarantee of our quality. In this case, they cover a unique on-board technology enabling users to have a larger-than-life sensation when handling one of our lightsabers. We offer a system equipped with very precise sound reactivity, accompanying each movement for a result worthy of your wildest dreams! 


We have paid attention to the smallest details to ensure that everyone can handle the saber safely and our assembly is 100% guaranteed made in France. We are proud to say that our sabers are developed in accordance with certifications and global safety standards. These were steps that we thought were essential before commercialization. We had to go through difficult (and expensive) processes and standards to get there, but Solaari did it!

Our After Sales Service

One of Solaari’s strengths is its impeccable customer service who are always ready to assist you in your research, but also to specify your needs or give you technical help. Don’t hesitate to contact them at

A unique application

We are the only ones to offer you a dedicated application to customize your saber. Sounds, colors and personal statistics, we want an application that is regularly updated to give you more and more choice for you to customize and create your UNIQUE saber, reflecting your personality and your style of combat.

The SOLAARI application for ELITE sabers offers the entire RGB spectrum to color its blade and have even more customization.

The application is therefore at the heart of making your saber special; you can change not only the colors, but also its sound whenever you like, thanks to regular updates that will enrich your experience and make this saber YOUR Solaari saber.

For the true fighters amongst you, you also have an app with a strike counter to record your statistics and refine your dueling techniques!

Solaari: a legendary object

Solaari is a new French saber. With our knowledge of users, our quality industrialization and our multiple patents and certifications, we are confident and proud to offer you the best in the field of competitive and collectible sabers. It’s THE ultimate kid’s dream, updated with the latest technology but above all, it’s thanks to all you users! Stay tuned, because we are only at the beginning of this adventure 😉

The Solaari team