Secure payment

Means of payment

Solaari has made available seraval means of payment for your purchases:

  • Credit card payments
  • Paypal payments
  • Bank transfers

Credit card payments 

Are the transactions secure?

Secure credit card payments (thanks to our payment partner HiPay).

The banking information you provide, which is encrypted on your computer, will never circulate visibly on the Internet.

All your orders can be processed by credit card: Cartes Bleue, Visa, MasterCard (including Maestro).

Payments will be taken immediately from your card every time you make an online purchase via

American Express

American Express cards are not accepted on our site.

Paypal payments

Are the transactions secure? 

Paying with Paypal is secure and simple! 

Paypal is a service that allows you to pay online, to send and receive money without sharing your banking information.

It is secure

As a banking institution within the European Union, Paypal offers a secure online paying solution. PayPal encrypts and secures your banking information and does not disclose it to the recipients of your payments. 

It is quick and simple

You no longer need to enter the 16 digits of your credit card every time you make an online purchase. Simply use your Paypal credentials: email and password. Your transactions are immediate.

Bank transfer payments

We accept bank transfers for all your orders. Please note that the equipment may not be held before the payment has been received. If you want to be delivered as quickly as possible and have the items in stock put aside for you, we recommend paying by credit card. 

Please find our bank details in order to process the transfer: 

Country France Suisse
Bank Crédit Agricole du Centre Est BNP PARIBAS (Suisse) SA
Address GRAND LYON ENT(00669) GENEVE 11
Recipient Groupe LDLC Groupe LDLC
Bank code 17806
Banch code 00679
Account no. 92903591000
RIB Key 38
IBAN FR76 1780 6006 7992 9035 9100 038 CH09 0868 6001 1313 5200 1

Important: please specify your order number in the bank transfer’s reference. 

I am doing a bank transfer from an account located in the Euro area. Do I have specific charges to bear?

Your bank may only charge the standard rate for a transfer (often free of charge if it is done online from your bank account, and rarely exceeds a few Euros when done at your branch). For our customer who hold an account in the Euro area, no additional fees may be required due to the fact the transfer is of an international nature.

How long before my transfer is taken into account? 

Transfers generally reach us within 2 to 4 business days. We validate the payment D+1 after it has been received (business days): we automatically confirm by email. 3 to 5 days are therefore usually required to ensure that the order is validated after the transfer has been done.

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