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Solaari range

SOLAARI sabers are resulting from more than 2 years and a half of research and development. Exclusive designs, optimized durability, long-lasting batterie, and completely combat-proof, discover now the ELITE range of the SOLAARI sabers.

Customizable light and sounds
Make your saber unique
Optimized sound quality & reactivity
Immersive and without delay
Design and assembled in France
Quality without concessions
Sound streaming with Bluetooth
For even more impressive demonstrations
6h autonomy
Enjoy your saber for hours
Easy blade removal
No screws, no tools, no pain


With the SOLAARI app, downloadable for free, connect your SOLAARI saber and enjoy all its functions. Pair your SOLAARI sabers, create within a few seconds your own configurations, follow up your stats, and make your experience truly unique! Download the SOLAARI app right now!

Select a color within the full RGB spectrum with the color picker

Choose the sound when lighting up, turning off, or moving your saber

Follow up your combat statistics with the integrated hit count

Born in the United States, and now officially recognized by the French Fencing Federation, lightsabering as a sport takes its roots in martial arts and traditional fencing. With its own specificities and versions, it is now spreading and growing all over the world. Learn more about it right now!


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