The connected lightsaber that is larger than life.

Will you be able to master True Power?

  • Light and sound 100% customizable via the dedicated application (only on the WAAN and KA-YOGEN)

  • Optimised responsiveness and sound quality: immersive with no time lag

  • Use Bluetooth to beam the sound of your sabre to loudspeakers or headphones (only on WAAN and KA-YOGEN)

  • Rechargeable batteries lasting up to 6 hours

  • Easily removable and interchangeable blades – no tools required!

  • Designed in France using high quality, robust materials

Sound at the speed of light


No slowdowns, no lag time: high sound responsiveness as never witnessed before, to enable you to dive into the heart of the battle.

Audio streaming

Master the sounds of your sabre and beam them to headphones or wireless speakers. Experience and have others experience the intensity of combat! (Only on WAAN and KA-YOGEN)

Mastery of the sabre, ease of use

Through the darkness or through the light? No matter which path you choose, SOLAARI is 100 % configurable: choose from thousands of colours and an entire library of sound effects. Create multiple profiles and share them. Strengthen your ranks (only on WAAN and KA-YOGEN).

Designed for absolutely everyone

SOLAARI is intended to suit everyone, from the apprentice to the most demanding fan. Designed to be available in several ranges, its two hilts are suitable for both casual and veteran users.

Forged by the greatest knights

Very robust, SOLAARI is configured for combat by qualified weapon masters … and thanks to its blade that can be detached without tools, you can carry it with you on all your adventures.

Don’t wait any longer: push back your limits!

Where I can buy my Solaari lightsaber ?

You will be able to pre-order your lightsaber on our e-shop this fall 2019

Follow in your Master's footsteps!

Never before has becoming a warrior been so simple, fun and dynamic. Listen to your Master on your smartphone and customise your SOLAARI in a single move.

Solaari press article

Solaari – the first bright, customised saber replica

Have you always wanted to follow the path of the saber ? Do you want to become a master in the art of handling it? If so, the Solaari customised saber models will become your weapons of choice. Available in three variants, the Solaari is revolutionising the practice of saber sport, with unique features to provide you with ultra-realistic combat sensations. No more need to just be a spectator – step into the shoes of a real knight armed with your Solaari saber !

In addition to accurately reproducing the handling of a real saber, Solaari is a Bluetooth lightsabre which enables you to share the sound with all your loudspeakers or even your wireless headphones. Customisable, this saber allows you to change its colour and the sounds associated with it instantly and to your desire via the dedicated application (available on Android and iOS). The application has a large library of sounds, so you can create the custom saber you’ve always dreamed of. A sound can be associated with being motionless or in motion, each of your attacks will have even more impact!

For even more advanced realism, Solaari integrates an elaborate technology allowing the sound to be extremely responsive and not to suffer from time lag. With total immersion, you and your sabre will become one to face all your opponents! Become a knight yielding your sabre against adversity and emerge victorious from each of your battles thanks to the Solaari, which will become your best comrade in arms.

With its very refined and stylish design, Solaari is an extremely realistic replica of a saber. The saber blade is detachable without tools and fits all three Solaari saber models, enabling you to juggle between Waan and Ka-Yogen as you wish.

Solaari is the saber you need to move from the rank of simple apprentice to that of a true knight and win all your battles. Very resistant, it will enable you to counter any attack. Our custom saber is assembled in France, a sure guarantee of quality. Designed for practising sport, our saber will enable you to shine in any competition. Approved by saber-handling experts, our saber is ideal for use in sport and competition. To ensure that you never find yourself in an unfortunate situation in the midst of a battle, our sabers are equipped with long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

Accessible to all, our collectible saber has been designed for easy handling so that everyone can bring out the master of arms lying dormant within. Let your imagination run wild and relive all the battles that have thrilled you the most. Spread the path of the sabre and rally as many apprentices as you can to join your team. With Solaari, becoming a true warrior has never been so easy!