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Our new beta for the Solaari app !

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Solaari offers you the opportunity to become our next beta tester for our application until 12/15/2022

What does it mean to become a beta tester?

It means having the chance to test our application in preview with all the new features it offers!

With great new features and better stability, the new Solaari application needs testers before its official release. We will need your feedback and your opinion on this application, you can do it on our discord server thanks to this link:

To become a tester on Android :

  • Here are the steps on the Android playstore:
    • Take your Android phone and click on this link: []
    • A window will open showing the beta of the application
    • Ask to join the beta program (at the bottom of the page) it may take a few minutes
    • If it says "beta version" next to the name of the application you can go to the next step.
    • Press the "Install" button
    • Follow the instructions displayed on your phone
    • You can then click on the application icon to launch it in beta!

  • Here are the steps on IOS:
    • Install TestFlight, this application is essential to become a tester on IOS (
    • Click on the link from your phone :
    • Press "install" to install the beta on your phone. If you already have the Solaari application, Testflight will ask you to replace the current application with the beta version.
    • Once that's done, you can now test the app!

If you have any questions or need help to join the beta go on our discord  :

What will change on the application:

  • From the beginning your saber will ask to be updated, this step will be mandatory to integrate the new features of this application.
  • 4 new sound themes will be available (yes finally!). To use them, you will just have to go to the settings of your saber and send the new sound themes to your saber (be careful if you have several sabers you will have to do it for each of them). It will take about 2 minutes to load.
  • The sounds will be in the saber so you don't need to send them again if you change device to connect your saber (ex: if you use the application on smartphone to send the new sound themes and then you want to use the application on tablet no need to load the new sound themes, they will be already available)
  • The stability of the application and the connection of the saber have also been improved
  • The security of the connection has been improved
  • The slider of the application has also been reworked
  • Our application is also available in German

⚠️ The beta will be automatically invalidated after 90 days and it will be necessary to install the classic version of the application which will be updated.

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