Start-up / first steps

Congratulations, you have just purchased a SOLAARI lightsaber!

In order to make the most of the Solaari experience, download the Solaari application on your smartphone now (Android  and iOS).

First use 

Remove the blade, the batteries and the handle from the box.

A SOLAARI lightsaber has 2 distinct parts: the handle and the blade.

The handle is divided into 3 sections: the handle (central part comprising the saber’s power button), the guard (top part of the handle, near the blade) and the pommel (lower part of the handle).

Mounting the saber

Remove the blade, the batteries and the handle from the box.

Fit the blade into the handle: the blade is inserted through the top, by unscrewing the guard anti-clockwise. Ensure the handle and the blade’s protective plugs have been removed.

Install the batteries

They are inserted through the bottom of the handle by unscrewing the pommel anti-clockwise. The batteries’ plus side must be placed towards the inside of the saber. Screw the pommel back into its place once the batteries are installed. The second battery must be also be placed with the plus side facing inside the saber, against the minus side of the already inserted first battery.

Powering on

The saber is switched on/off by pressing the central button located on the handle.

To turn on the saber, the button must be held down for at least 1 second. The saber will then automatically power on. As a basis, when it is powered on for the first time, the saber lights blue.

To turn off the saber, the button must be held down for at least 2 seconds THEN released. The saber will be powered off only when the button is released.

First steps / first movements

All Solaari lightsaber blades offer the same impact resistance, and are suited to sporting activities. However, depending on the type of saber you own, features may vary. Check the Website for more information.

Connecting to the SOLAARI application

Once the app has been downloaded, follow the instructions to create a profile and pair your saber.

To switch your saber to Pairing Mode, turn off your saber then hold the power button down for 5 seconds until the blade flashes blue.

Once the saber has been detected and paired, let the mobile application guide you.

When an equipment has problems running, we invite you to first read its manual and check that the batteries are properly charged. This is in order to check that all the conditions ensuring the smooth running of your product are fulfilled (physical installation and application, settings …). If the problem is not resolved, we invite you to read the frequent questions below or to contact us at

Frequent questions:

My saber is no longer detected by the application.

Restart the application. If this is not enough, turn off the saber, then switch back to Pairing Mode in order to reconnect it manually to the app. If the problem continues, contact After-Sales at

My saber flashes red.

This is the low battery indicator. Disassemble the saber taking care to first power it off and recharge the batteries.

My saber no longer powers on.

If the saber has previously flashed red, this means it has run out of batteries. Simply recharge them using the charger provided for this purpose.

Should this not be the case, contact After-Sales at

My saber does not emit sounds (ELITE range only).

Contact After-Sales at

My application no longer starts.

Restart the application and check that it is up-to-date. If the problem continues, contact After-Sales at

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