Upon delivery, local taxes and dock dues are generally collected by the carrier once the parcel has been processed by Customs Authorities. It is your responsibility to pay them.


The basis for the dock dues comprises “Cost and Freight” (CAF) prices, which therefore take into account the cost of transportation. The setting of dock due rates falls under the competence of regional councils. You can also find out more about these provisions on the following Website:  


If you wish for your order to be delivered to Switzerland, we invite you to log on to our Website (if you already have a customer account) and supply the desired delivery address. Payments will be made directly in Swiss Francs (CHF). Please note that our prices include Swiss VAT, there will be no additional taxes when clearing customs.


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Shipping costs are determined by the weight, volume and geographic area of the delivery. Our desire is to offer the fairest possible shipping costs. You can find out the shipping costs by carrying out an order simulation.  They will automatically be disclosed after selecting the desired place of delivery. This simulation is without commitment.


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We accept VISA and Mastercard for card payments. All your card payment transactions are secured by the SSL encryption technology and 3D Secure. All your payment information is encrypted from your computer to the bank’s server. This information remains confidential and cannot be seen nor used without your knowledge.


The card is charged upon validation of the order on the Website.


In order to secure your online purchases, certain banking institutions allow you to generate single-use virtual card numbers for a given amount. We are obviously happy to accept these types of payments. However, virtual card numbers are subject to limited validity.


Most payment cards have a maximum payment limit, generally between 1,500 € and 4,000 €. The payment limit is calculated over a 30-day rolling period. All payment requests are taken into account when calculating the limit, including payments which have been granted but have not yet been executed. It is usually possible to ask the bank for a temporary or permanent increase in the limit.


All payments are made in cash. We do not offer credit solutions, nor payments by instalments.


We accept bank transfers for all your orders. Please note that the equipment may not be held before the payment has been received. If you want to be delivered as quickly as possible and have the items in stock put aside for you, we recommend paying by card.

Please find our bank details in order to process the transfer:

Country Whole word (except Switzerland) Switzerland only
Bank Crédit Agricole du Centre Est BNP PARIBAS (Switzerland) SA
Adress GRAND LYON ENT (00669) GENEVE 11
Bank code 17806
Branch code 00679
Account no. 92903591000
RIB key 38
IBAN FR76 1780 6006 7992 9035 9100 038 CH09 0868 6001 1313 5200 1

Important: please specify your order number in the transaction’s reference.

I am doing a bank transfer from an account located in the Euro area. Do I have specific charges to bear?

Your bank may only charge the standard rate for a transfer (often free of charge if it is done online from your bank account, and rarely exceeds a few Euros when done at your branch). For our customers who hold an account in the Euro area, no additional fees may be required due to the fact the transfer is of an international nature.

How long before my transfer is taken into account?

Transfers generally reach us within 2 to 4 business days. We validate the payment D+1 after it has been received (working days): we automatically confirm by email. 3 to 5 days are therefore usually required to ensure that the order is validated after the transfer has been done.


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Chronopost / Chronopost international

We use Chronopost services for all our shipments anywhere in the world. Chronopost parcels can be tracked via this link.

We have chosen to ship using Chronopost in order to offer the fastest delivery possible. Depending on the destination, deliveries can take up to 1 or 2 working days from dispatch for mainland France, and 3 to 5 working days from dispatch for the rest of the world. Additional time may be required for custom clearance.

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Recording of the order

Our site will take you step by step through the different phases of an order. The order is recorded once you have specified the method of payment and accepted the terms and conditions. You will then receive a summary email. Once the order has been recorded, you have an hour to cancel it directly from My Account if necessary.


The order is validated once the first hour has gone by, providing the payment has been successfully recorded.

Preparation and shipping of the order

Shipping times depend on the availability of each item, as well as preparation times. If an item is not immediately available in stock, ordering it separately can be a good idea. This helps ensure that the shipping of available items is not delayed. Once the parcel has been handed over to the carrier, you will receive an email containing its shipment number as well as the carrier’s Website for you to track your delivery.

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