You have refused a parcel due to the fact it was damaged or the order had been cancelled, or it was returned by the carrier who was not able to deliver it to its recipient. A parcel for mainland France is generally returned to us within 1 to 2 weeks.

When we receive a parcel that could not be delivered, an email is sent to the account’s email address in order to know what to do with the order. This email allows you to tell us what you prefer:

  • Order reshipped to the same address;
  • Order shipped to a different address;
  • Refund.

It is also possible for you to contact us in advance so that we identify your wish: we will then be able to implement the agreed process without the need for additional steps when receiving the parcel. If the returned parcel contains a part sent to the After-Sales Department and not a new order, the only option possible is reshipping it. When a parcel is going to be or has already been returned, please feel free to contact us. Together, we can open a case and take note of your instructions in order to save time down the line.

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