November 8, 2019


Greetings from the Solaari Team Hello there fellow lightsaber enthusiasts and welcome to the one and only Do you just need a place to talk and share about lightsabers? We got you covered guys, you do are at the right place. @ you will get regular news about the team, the events and […]

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March 5, 2020


On Thursday 5 March 2020, the French brand of connected lightsabers manufactured and sold by Groupe LDLC signed a 3-year partnership with the Fédération Française...
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February 27, 2020

Yggdrasil 2020

The last weekend, the Solaari team was attending the 2020th edition of the Yggdrasil fest in Lyon, France. This partnership was a perfect opportunity to...
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February 18, 2020

Meet us at Yggdrasil 2020

The Solaari team will be at the Yggdrasil 2020 festival this weekend. Between the 22nd and 23rd you will be able to give it a...
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