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Upon delivery, local taxes and dock dues are generally collected by the carrier once the parcel has been processed by Customs Authorities. It is your responsibility to pay them.


The basis for the dock dues comprises “Cost and Freight” (CAF) prices, which therefore take into account the cost of transportation. The setting of dock due rates falls under the competence of regional councils. You can also find out more about these provisions on the following Website: http://www.douane.gouv.fr/.  


If you wish for your order to be delivered to Switzerland, we invite you to log on to our Website www.solaari.com (if you already have a customer account) and supply the desired delivery address. Payments will be made directly in Swiss Francs (CHF). Please note that our prices include Swiss VAT, there will be no additional taxes when clearing customs.


A question? Feel free to contact us at support@solaari.com


Shipping costs are determined by the weight, volume and geographic area of the delivery. Our desire is to offer the fairest possible shipping costs. You can find out the shipping costs by carrying out an order simulation.  They will automatically be disclosed after selecting the desired place of delivery. This simulation is without commitment.


A question? Feel free to contact us at support@solaari.com



We accept VISA and Mastercard for card payments. All your card payment transactions are secured by the SSL encryption technology and 3D Secure. All your payment information is encrypted from your computer to the bank’s server. This information remains confidential and cannot be seen nor used without your knowledge.


The card is charged upon validation of the order on the Website.


In order to secure your online purchases, certain banking institutions allow you to generate single-use virtual card numbers for a given amount. We are obviously happy to accept these types of payments. However, virtual card numbers are subject to limited validity.


Most payment cards have a maximum payment limit, generally between 1,500 € and 4,000 €. The payment limit is calculated over a 30-day rolling period. All payment requests are taken into account when calculating the limit, including payments which have been granted but have not yet been executed. It is usually possible to ask the bank for a temporary or permanent increase in the limit.


All payments are made in cash. We do not offer credit solutions, nor payments by instalments.


We accept bank transfers for all your orders. Please note that the equipment may not be held before the payment has been received. If you want to be delivered as quickly as possible and have the items in stock put aside for you, we recommend paying by card.

Please find our bank details in order to process the transfer:

Country Whole word (except Switzerland) Switzerland only
Bank Crédit Agricole du Centre Est BNP PARIBAS (Switzerland) SA
Adress GRAND LYON ENT (00669) GENEVE 11
Bank code 17806
Branch code 00679
Account no. 92903591000
RIB key 38
IBAN FR76 1780 6006 7992 9035 9100 038 CH09 0868 6001 1313 5200 1

Important: please specify your order number in the transaction’s reference.

I am doing a bank transfer from an account located in the Euro area. Do I have specific charges to bear?

Your bank may only charge the standard rate for a transfer (often free of charge if it is done online from your bank account, and rarely exceeds a few Euros when done at your branch). For our customers who hold an account in the Euro area, no additional fees may be required due to the fact the transfer is of an international nature.

How long before my transfer is taken into account?

Transfers generally reach us within 2 to 4 business days. We validate the payment D+1 after it has been received (working days): we automatically confirm by email. 3 to 5 days are therefore usually required to ensure that the order is validated after the transfer has been done.


A question? Feel free to contact us at support@solaari.com

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General informations

For partnership and communications inquiries, please contact us at contact@solaari.com


You can consult our terms and conditions here.



GROUPE LDLC as a “producer” is responsible for the end-of-life of the products and the packaging that it sells on the French national market. To this end, it must organise or finance their recycling and elimination. As a result, GROUPE LDLC contributes financially to recycling programmes:

1- Packaging waste:

Decree n°92-377 of 1 April 1992 has given packagers the responsibility to contribute or to provide for the elimination of packaging waste resulting from the consumption of their products by households. These companies, which may be producers or importers, have the possibility to organize their own recovery system or to contribute financially to a collective system which fosters the development of the selective collection of household packaging by communities, by adhering to an eco-body approved by Public Authorities (ADELPHE, ECO-EMBALLAGES). Packaging which have been the subject of a contribution are generally marked with the green dot.  To meet its obligations, GROUPE LDLC is a member of the Adelphe eco-body.

2- Waste batteries and accumulators:

Decree n°99-374 of 12 May 1999 established that producers and importers of batteries, accumulators and of devices which contain them, must organize after their use the collection, recycling and disposal of the products marketed. To fulfil this obligation, they can lodge an agreement with the Public Authorities in order to create and fund their own recycling system. They also have the possibility to join an accredited eco-body, which will take over this obligation.

Batteries and accumulators generally bear the crossed-out wheeled-bin symbol.

To meet its obligations, GROUPE LDLC is a member of the SCRELEC eco-body. In that respect, our LDLC.com points of sale in Lyon and Paris, in association with collection facilities, have made available collection and recycling trays for your used batteries and accumulators.

3- Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Decree n°2005-829 of 20 July 2005 decided that the producers and importers must organise and finance the disposal of the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) derived from their products put on the national market.

To fulfil this obligation, they can lodge an agreement with the Public Authorities in order to create and fund their own recycling system. They also have the possibility to join an accredited eco-body and, as a result, contribute financially to the recycling sector. Electrical and electronic equipment now bears this symbol .

To meet its obligations, GROUPE LDLC is a member of the ECOLOGIC eco-body.

When you buy a new electrical and electronic device, a financial participation is added, in a visible and transparent manner, to the device’s purchase price: the eco-contribution. Its amount depends on the components and the weight of the electrical and electronic device purchased.

Eco-contribution or visible contribution is making apparent on a purchase invoice the unit cost incurred for the elimination of a waste electrical and electronic equipment. The amount of the eco-contribution consists of the cost of collection and recycling. This eco-contribution is necessarily charged by producers and it is then passed on to the end user.

For reference, the exact amount of each eco-contribution is displayed on the product presentation sheets and also in your shopping cart at the time of your order. This amount, which consists of the unit cost of recycling per device, will be stated on each item falling within the electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) category.

LDLC.com takes back free of charge or has a third parties take back free of charge on its behalf the waste generated by electrical and electronic equipment which the consumer discards, within the limit of the quantity and the type of equipment sold. To this end, you can contact us : support@solaari.com. We inform you of:

  • the obligation not discard WEEE with household waste;
  • collection systems which are at your disposal;
  • the potential effects on the environment and human health of the dangerous substances present in EEE.

4- “Unwanted” print waste

Article L. 541-10-1 of the Environmental Code requires that any person or corporate entity who, free of charge and either by himself or herself or by means of another person, puts at the disposal of or distributes to individuals without first being requested to do so, printed materials […] in letterboxes in the shared parts of collective housing, in commercial premises, in public spaces or on public highways, is obliged to contribute to the collection, reuse and disposal of the resultant waste. To meet its obligations, GROUPE LDLC is a member of the ECO-FOLIO eco-body.

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To request an invoice

We issue invoices as soon as an order has been entirety shipped. When an order comprises several parcels, the last parcel must have been shipped in order to trigger the issuing of the invoice. Invoices are automatically sent to the email address entered at the time of order. They are also available in My Account. To access your invoices, select “Order tracking and invoices” in the left-hand side menu of My Account. If the invoice has been generated, just click on the icon in the “Invoice” column to download it.

To request a change

Invoices cannot be edited once they have been issued. It is in particular not possible to subsequently include a company name or a VAT number. If you are ordering in a professional capacity, we invite you to contact us at contact@solaari.com


You have refused a parcel due to the fact it was damaged or the order had been cancelled, or it was returned by the carrier who was not able to deliver it to its recipient. A parcel for mainland France is generally returned to us within 1 to 2 weeks.

When we receive a parcel that could not be delivered, an email is sent to the account’s email address in order to know what to do with the order. This email allows you to tell us what you prefer:

  • Order reshipped to the same address;
  • Order shipped to a different address;
  • Refund.

It is also possible for you to contact us in advance so that we identify your wish: we will then be able to implement the agreed process without the need for additional steps when receiving the parcel. If the returned parcel contains a part sent to the After-Sales Department and not a new order, the only option possible is reshipping it. When a parcel is going to be or has already been returned, please feel free to contact us. Together, we can open a case and take note of your instructions in order to save time down the line.


Has your order arrived with the parcel in good condition but an item is missing? First of all, make sure it has not been shipped in a separate parcel. Every email containing the shipping confirmation of your order states – parcel by parcel – the exact content. You may also find a delivery slip inside the parcel. If the missing item is not listed on this slip, it means that it has been shipped in a separate parcel: everything is fine!

Have you received all the parcels for your order, but an item is missing? Contact us immediately at support@solaari.com for us to be notified as soon as possible.

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After sales & returns

We invite you to return your used sword to an Ecologic local collection point or, if you are too far away geographically from a local collection point, to contact Customer Service via the contact form, at the latest within 24 hours after your purchase, to inform them of your wish to entrust us with the return of your used product, so that we can organize a return solution free of charge.


  • If, as a result of contamination or mishandling, the product to be taken back presents a risk to the safety and health of the personnel responsible for taking it back that cannot be avoided by conventional personal protective equipment or standard packaging, the take-back cannot be carried out.
  • By entrusting us with the return of your product, you relinquish ownership of it as soon as it is deposited at a collection point or taken back by a carrier.


What is the deadline for a refund?

We are committed to refund you at the latest 14 days from the date of your request. In reality, the average time observed (after an order cancellation request or after the parcel has been received following a withdrawal) is 5 to 8 days.

In what form are refunds provided?

Whenever possible, refunds are carried out using the same means of payment than the one used for the original transaction. Only orders paid by virtual card are refunded by bank transfer due to technical constraints.

Return costs

Should you need to return your parcel by paying in advance the transportation costs, we can repay you upon presentation of the deposit slip and the carrier’s bill. The refund goes to the most advantageous carrier fair.  


A question? Feel free to contact us at support@solaari.com


It is necessary to make reservations when a parcel with potential traces of damage is presented. If the box is very damaged, unless you are certain that the items are in perfect condition, do not accept it.

If the box is a little damaged but suffered a shock, please specify through precise and detailed reservations such as “top left corner crushed”, “wet box”. Imprecise notes such as “subject to unpacking” have no value and do not make it possible to claim against the carrier.

As far as possible, verify the contents of the parcel. If an item is damaged, these reservations must be sent to us within 72h following the delivery (in the form of a message via our Contact Form) and simultaneously confirmed to the carrier by a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. This letter is mandatory in these circumstances.


A question? Feel free to contact us at support@solaari.com

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