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We invite you to return your used sword to an Ecologic local collection point or, if you are too far away geographically from a local collection point, to contact Customer Service via the contact form, at the latest within 24 hours after your purchase, to inform them of your wish to entrust us with the return of your used product, so that we can organize a return solution free of charge.


  • If, as a result of contamination or mishandling, the product to be taken back presents a risk to the safety and health of the personnel responsible for taking it back that cannot be avoided by conventional personal protective equipment or standard packaging, the take-back cannot be carried out.
  • By entrusting us with the return of your product, you relinquish ownership of it as soon as it is deposited at a collection point or taken back by a carrier.


What is the deadline for a refund?

We are committed to refund you at the latest 14 days from the date of your request. In reality, the average time observed (after an order cancellation request or after the parcel has been received following a withdrawal) is 5 to 8 days.

In what form are refunds provided?

Whenever possible, refunds are carried out using the same means of payment than the one used for the original transaction. Only orders paid by virtual card are refunded by bank transfer due to technical constraints.

Return costs

Should you need to return your parcel by paying in advance the transportation costs, we can repay you upon presentation of the deposit slip and the carrier’s bill. The refund goes to the most advantageous carrier fair.  


A question? Feel free to contact us at


It is necessary to make reservations when a parcel with potential traces of damage is presented. If the box is very damaged, unless you are certain that the items are in perfect condition, do not accept it.

If the box is a little damaged but suffered a shock, please specify through precise and detailed reservations such as “top left corner crushed”, “wet box”. Imprecise notes such as “subject to unpacking” have no value and do not make it possible to claim against the carrier.

As far as possible, verify the contents of the parcel. If an item is damaged, these reservations must be sent to us within 72h following the delivery (in the form of a message via our Contact Form) and simultaneously confirmed to the carrier by a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. This letter is mandatory in these circumstances.


A question? Feel free to contact us at


You returned one or several products are per the return instructions shown in the email you received, and you want to track the progress of your case. You can start by checking your parcel was received by our services by looking up Chronopost Tracking (or the tracking service of the carrier used for shipping). We will then confirm the safe receipt of your parcel 24 to 72h after its actual arrival in our logistics centre.

Closure of the case will also give rise to an automatic email which will inform you as to the future of your request.

For information:

A classic guarantee claim is generally processed within 10 working days;

Claims concerning one or several items that require testing are generally processed within 15 working days.


A question? Feel free to contact us at


You have just received your order and the item you received is not the one you ordered. You have 72 hours after receipt of the parcel to inform us about this delivery error. Please briefly describe the equipment received (model, colour, etc.) with the information visible on this article. Our products generally bear a label with a code such as AR123456789. If this label is visible, please share this code with us. If the product is packaged, we ask you do not open it to give us this information.


A question? Feel free to contact us at


When an equipment does not work despite having arrived in perfect condition, a return in guarantee may be necessary in order for the product to be taken care of.

Before contacting our Support Service, we invite you to perform certain verifications. It is interesting to check in the manual whether the equipment was used in accordance with the intended purpose as stated on this page.

If you need to contact us, we recommend you have your identifiers at hand (invoice, order or customer number) and share a maximum of information on the situation (symptoms encountered, potential tests carried out, history of the problem) so that we can help you effectively.

We remind you that products can only be returned after having obtained a return number by our services, without which your parcel cannot be identified and accepted.

More information on our terms and conditions of guarantee are available in our General Conditions of Sale.


A question? Feel free to contact us at



For all purchases made in a private capacity, you benefit from a 14-day withdrawal period from the date of receipt of your order.

The item(s) must be returned in their original condition and packaging. The withdrawal period is open to our private clients and concerns our entire portfolio, with the exception of consumables. In order to ensure better traceability of the return, it is recommended that you use the return authorisation which will be sent to you by our Customer Service. Failing this, the product must be returned with all useful information regarding your contact details and order. You have 14 days to return the product as of your notification of withdrawal.


We commit to refunding you at the latest 14 days from the date of your request (if we have not received the product on the 14th day, refund may be delayed until you supply a proof of shipment). In reality, the average time observed is 5 to 8 days.


With the exception of orders paid by virtual card which are refunded by bank transfer due to technical constraints, refunds are always carried out using the same means of payment than the one used for the original transaction.


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Start-up / first steps

Congratulations, you have just purchased a SOLAARI lightsaber!

In order to make the most of the Solaari experience, download the Solaari application on your smartphone now (Android  and iOS).

First use 

Remove the blade, the batteries and the handle from the box.

A SOLAARI lightsaber has 2 distinct parts: the handle and the blade.

The handle is divided into 3 sections: the handle (central part comprising the saber’s power button), the guard (top part of the handle, near the blade) and the pommel (lower part of the handle).

Mounting the saber

Remove the blade, the batteries and the handle from the box.

Fit the blade into the handle: the blade is inserted through the top, by unscrewing the guard anti-clockwise. Ensure the handle and the blade’s protective plugs have been removed.

Install the batteries

They are inserted through the bottom of the handle by unscrewing the pommel anti-clockwise. The batteries’ plus side must be placed towards the inside of the saber. Screw the pommel back into its place once the batteries are installed. The second battery must be also be placed with the plus side facing inside the saber, against the minus side of the already inserted first battery.

Powering on

The saber is switched on/off by pressing the central button located on the handle.

To turn on the saber, the button must be held down for at least 1 second. The saber will then automatically power on. As a basis, when it is powered on for the first time, the saber lights blue.

To turn off the saber, the button must be held down for at least 2 seconds THEN released. The saber will be powered off only when the button is released.

First steps / first movements

All Solaari lightsaber blades offer the same impact resistance, and are suited to sporting activities. However, depending on the type of saber you own, features may vary. Check the Website for more information.

Connecting to the SOLAARI application

Once the app has been downloaded, follow the instructions to create a profile and pair your saber.

To switch your saber to Pairing Mode, turn off your saber then hold the power button down for 5 seconds until the blade flashes blue.

Once the saber has been detected and paired, let the mobile application guide you.

When an equipment has problems running, we invite you to first read its manual and check that the batteries are properly charged. This is in order to check that all the conditions ensuring the smooth running of your product are fulfilled (physical installation and application, settings …). If the problem is not resolved, we invite you to read the frequent questions below or to contact us at

Frequent questions:

My saber is no longer detected by the application.

Restart the application. If this is not enough, turn off the saber, then switch back to Pairing Mode in order to reconnect it manually to the app. If the problem continues, contact After-Sales at

My saber flashes red.

This is the low battery indicator. Disassemble the saber taking care to first power it off and recharge the batteries.

My saber no longer powers on.

If the saber has previously flashed red, this means it has run out of batteries. Simply recharge them using the charger provided for this purpose.

Should this not be the case, contact After-Sales at

My saber does not emit sounds (ELITE range only).

Contact After-Sales at

My application no longer starts.

Restart the application and check that it is up-to-date. If the problem continues, contact After-Sales at

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